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2021 09 11

Bending of a straight vein compels its narrowing

English version : Lordosis /hollow back – cause of numerous abdominal compression syndromes.

Muscle cramps caused by a posture dependent pubic compression of the femoral artery

Update: Ehlers Danlos-syndrome the flashing redlight of vascular compressions

2021 08 20

I linked the audio version of my talk ” The Nutcracker syndrome is a misnomer ” to the following page

The Nutcracker Syndrome is a misnomer Euroson September 2018

An audio version of this talk can be found her

2021 08 18

Outline of my special examination technique for patients with connective tissue disorders  -see last part of the English version of

Ehlers Danlos-syndrome the flashing redlight of vascular compressions

2021 07 16

Swollen bluish feet nausea unbearable epigastric and breast pain breathlessness

Unbearable breast pain while sitting

2021 06 14

Genitalschmerzen beim Sitzen  – manchmal Pudendusneuralgie – hier lange unentdeckte subakute Bartholinitis bei hypermobiles Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom und multiplen Kompressionssyndromen – Diagnose durch PixelFlux

2021 02 05

Why I prefer not to publish in journals but in the Internet

Vessel stretching in nephroptosis – an important driver of complaints

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