Project “International scholarship for quantitative functional color Doppler ultrasound training”
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My daily work with patients from all over the world lays bare a dire need for training in quantitative functional color Doppler ultrasound.


Ultrasound diagnostics made great leaps forward, especially in the field of perfusion measurement.

We offer this to all patients around the globe. But many patients more require a more detailed functional sonographic examination to examine them in their home countries, especially in the developing world.

This is the first step to lay sound ground for a further development of treatment modalities.


We are thus looking for support to establish a training facility to teach doctors and sonographers from around the globe in the techniques of quantitative perfusion measurements including the award-winning PixelFlux technique.


Our call goes to medical societies, sponsors, philanthropists, and patient organizations to bundle activities with the aim of a substantial improvement for all patients suffering from unbearable pain and functional disabilities due to so far undiagnosed vascular compression syndromes.


If you can and want to support this project – spread the word and let me know.


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