Perfusion Measurement : PixelFlux-method
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Color Doppler sonography renders the perfusion of vessels and tissues visible. Blood vessels are depicted in colors. If an organ is colorized vividly, this means, it is well perfused – better than an organ with faint colorization. Many diseases can be recognized easily by their coloration. No special preparation is necessary, no bowel enemas or ionizing techniques. Disease activity can be followed up in terms of activity and progress – or regression under treatment.

Inflammatory disorders unmask themselves by increased perfusion. The characteristic of chronic diseases is a steady but creeping occlusion of tiny vessels. This ends up in reduced coloration. So, each disease has a peculiar pattern of perfusion and perfusion changes over time. We can now depict these changes with sophisticated ultrasound devices.

Moreover, with the PixelFlux-technique, a development of our own but now at home in leading centers worldwide (, we can measure perfusion exactly. This opens the door for early and precise diagnostics and individualized treatment.

PixelFlux measures acute and chronic inflammations at the very site of their origin, by means of color Doppler ultrasound videos. Often, indirect measurements from blood and other sources cannot yet make a diagnosis when PixelFlux can already tell you exactly what’s going on and how strong.

Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are an outstanding example. Their successful treatment will calm down their inflammatory hyperperfusion. No other method can measure this better, non-invasively and right at the bowel wall itself, than the PixelFlux-technique. This way, the effect of a certain medicament can be demonstrated directly in a measurement. This measurement describes very precisely the cellular inflammatory reaction inside the bowel wall. Side effects, due to uncontrolled treatment, can be avoided easily and the duration of treatment and its strength can be tailored according to your individual needs.

Individualized treatment means: a treatment as strong and long as necessary but a s little and short as possible.



apparently higher sensitivity of PixelFlux (left) for postprandial volume flow changes

Quantification of Portal Vein Vascularization Using an Automated PostProcessing Video Analysis Tool

2021 12 14

New paper published underscoring the usefulness of PixelFlux measurements in malignant diseases of the pancreas

Dynamic Doppler Ultrasound Assessment of Tissue Perfusion Is a Better Tool than a Single Vessel Doppler Examination in Differentiating Malignant and Inflammatory Pancreatic Lesions

List of scientific papers with the PixelFlux method

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