Vascular Compression Syndromes
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On the one hand, vascular compression syndromes are often unknown even to doctors, but on the other hand they are the cause of numerous, disabeling, apparently unrelated symptoms in different parts of the body. According to standard diagnostics, a psychological cause of somatic complaints is often assumed or suspected, the patient’s symptomes are considered of mental or psychological origin.

Overlooking or ignoring vascular compression syndromes may result in deep despair for the patient, loss of self-esteem and, in some cases, life-threatening wasting.

That’s why I give here a checklist of common symptoms of vascular compression syndromes

Of course, a conventional diagnosis of the symptoms should be carried out first. If there are no explanations for the symptoms, vascular compression syndromes need to be considered, especially if many symptoms from the list are present.

Functional color duplex sonography with the PixelFlux technology is superior to all other methods.

Its advantages are:

Full attention to the specific needs of the patient

Examinations exactly under those circumstances which elicit the complaints

in different body positions and postures

in different breathing phases

before, during and after eating and drinking

by reproducing the triggering events: prolonged standing, running, sitting

Highest spatial resolution of all imaging procedures

thus most detailed images

Highest temporal resolution of all imaging procedures

thus most detailed description of body functions such as blood flow, intestinal movement, heart beat, food transport

Measurement of blood flow

Immediate visualization of blood flow abnormalities with high-end devices

Dialogue with the patient during the examination to evaluate detected pecularities and abnormalities – thus clearly assigning the imaging findings to the individual complaints

Simultaneous physical examination of the patient

Adaptation of the examination procedure to the current situation with repetition of certain parts of the examination

Clarifying all symptoms within one examination

Measurement of the interactions of different compression syndromes

Reproducible measurements thanks to standardized PixelFlux technology (awarded the European Ultrasound Award)

Precise statements on the effect of drug and surgical therapies thanks to PixelFlux technology

Unambiguous diagnosis

Precise treatment recommendations after only one examination (duration 1-2 hours)


An important limitation is the obstruction of view by air within the intestines and lungs.


An outstanding example for a tailor-made diagnostics and therapy are the varied symptoms in vascular compression syndromes of the abdomen (download an overview with illustrations).

In most cases, abdominal complaints can be tracked down to a straightforward diagnosis, especially in acute symptoms with obviously linked ancillary symptoms as diarrhea, vomiting or fever.

If abdominal complaints last for a longer time, for weeks, months or even years, then they often constitute a major diagnostic challenge. A diversity of diagnostic exams may be necessary to define their source. Not rarely, the nature of these complaints remains enigmatic and psychological or social contributors are contemplated.

Unfortunately, less known vascular compression syndromes are seldom taken into consideration. It is not well known, that a variety of apparently unrelated, far-flung symptoms as nausea, vertigo, restrained breathing (mainly blocked inspiration), loss of appetite and early satiety, nearly fainting, collaps and short episodes of diarrhea can be caused by such compression syndromes. Thus, many patients suffer for years until the correct diagnosis is made and a causal treatment can be provided.

We overview many hundreds of successfully treated patients with vascular compression syndromes whose history is often dominated by vegetative complaints. With a sophisticated functional color Doppler sonographic examination we can define within very short time if a vascular compression is the source of the complaints and can provide effective treatment.

At the European Ultrasound Congress in 2017 we presented for the first time our novel concept of the lordogenetic midline congestion syndrome.

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