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2023 02 16

Our contribution to the American Venous Forum 22-25.02.2023 San Antonio, Texas /USA : “Nutcracker and May-Thurner syndrome: Decompression by extra venous tube grafting and significance of hypermobility related disorders” Sandmann /Scholbach/Jacobi



2022 09 23

Postprandiale Schmerzen im rechten Oberbauch aufgrund eines von mir  neu entdeckten Kompressionssyndroms der rechten Nierenvene

die rechtsseitige Rückenschmerzen und Schmerzen im rechten Ober- oder Mittelbauch verursachen

Zwerchfellkompression der Lebervenen – ein neues Kompressionssyndrom

verursacht intermittierende Schwellungen der Leber, Völlegefühl und Schmerzen im rechten Oberbauch


2022 09 11

Entdeckung eines neuen Kompressionssyndroms: Bilaterale Kompression der Vena iliaca interna zwischen dem Psoas-Muskel und der Arteria iliaca interna bei einem Patienten mit chronischen  Penisschmerzen

Liste der Genitalsymptome bei Kompressionssyndromen in “Checkliste” eingefügt


2022 05 09

PixelFlux is recommended in diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel syndrome

chart from the above mentioned paper; inset by Thomas Scholbach

The authors refer to a very positive review of PixelFlux in the World Journal of Radiology 2020

” Interestingly, in the haemodialysis cohort, blood flow measurements were significantly improved after dialysis, suggesting that this measure may have future utility as a biomarker of both disease severity and treatment response[50]. Carroll AS, Simon NG. Current and future applications of ultrasound imaging in peripheral nerve disorders. World J Radiol 2020; 12(6): 101-129 [PMID: 32742576 DOI: 10.4329/wjr.v12.i6.101]”

2022 05 05

Project “International scholarship for quantitative functional color Doppler ultrasound training”


2022 04 10

Example of failed renal autotransplantation in left renal vein compression – the reasons why


2022 04 02

Addition to Wilkie syndrome page with example videos of patients with apparent duodenal compression that can be confidently classified as normal findings by functional sonography


2022 02 19

I now offer my papers for download for personal non-commercial use

Papers authored by others: by clicking this button I declare the only non-commercial use of this download


2022 02 15 (On occasion of the 88th birthday  – 15.02.1934 – of my mother

Dr. med. Lilli Scholbach – ophthalmologist til her 75th birthday)


PixelFlux discriminates diabetic neuropathy in patients with chronic renal failure

Peripheral nerve morphology and intraneural blood flow in chronic kidney disease with and without diabetes

T Issar, S Walker, R Arnold, AM Poynten, ZH Endre… – Muscle & Nerve


2022 01 20 ( On occasion of the 39th birthday of my son Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jakob Scholbach, developer of PixelFlux-software)

Under false flag – the so-called nutcracker syndrome Journal: Vascular Surgery


2022 01 04

Massive hematuria never in the morning but always in the evening – only PixelFlux knows the answer


2022 01 01 ( for the birthday of my great-grandfather Traugott Scholbach 01.01.1866 – 31.05.1942)

I added a search line on the top of all webpages – hoping to provide you more focused information from the dispersed and steadily growing content 🙂


2021 12 29

PixelFlux demonstrates rapid post-dialysis improvement of peripheral nerve perfusion ( BORIRE et al. Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)  :

“… we have shown that peripheral nerve hypervascularity is demonstrable in ESKD patients and rapidly improves following a single session of dialysis. Increased INBF is more likely to be seen in nerves of patients with evidence of axonal loss and moderate to severe neuropathy, suggesting that it may be a potential marker of neuropathy severity.

PixelFlux has significantly higher intra- and interobserver reliability than traditional methods to evaluate intraneural blood flow in carpal tunnel syndrome ( BORIRE et al. Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)

PixelFlux perfusion measurements in peripheral diabetic nerves correlate significantly with the severity of diabetic neuropathy ( BORIRE et al. Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)


2021 12 28

Our contributions at the EDS ECHO SUMMIT – Scientific Meeting on EDS, HSD, & Comorbidities October 2020


Hyper-elastic fibrous tissue disorder is a risk factor for development of multiple retroperitoneal and pelvic compression syndromes and for recurrences after surgery by W. Sandmann , K. Verginis, S. Jacobi, and T. Scholbach

COMPRESSION SYNDROMES (RPCS) by W. Sandmann , K. Verginis, S. Jacobi, and T. Scholbach

PixelFlux makes the antihypertensive treatment effect on renal perfusion measurable

PixelFlux directly demonstrating influence of thyroid hormone level on renal blood flow


2021 12 14

New paper published underscoring the usefulness of PixelFlux measurements in malignant diseases of the pancreas

Dynamic Doppler Ultrasound Assessment of Tissue Perfusion Is a Better Tool than a Single Vessel Doppler Examination in Differentiating Malignant and Inflammatory Pancreatic Lesions


2021 11 26

Multiple severe compression syndromes and post-operative vomiting and pain – the necessity of a postop PixelFlux exam of all relevant organs


2021 11 07

We published (on the 124. birthday of my grandfather Max Scholbach :-)):


Surgical treatment of abdominal compression syndromes: The significance of hypermobility-related disorders

Papers authored by others: by clicking this button I declare the only non-commercial use of this download


2021 10 22

A left renal vein stent – reducing one compression – creating three new ones


2021 09 11

Bending of a straight vein compels its narrowing

English version : Lordosis /hollow back – cause of numerous abdominal compression syndromes.

Muscle cramps caused by a posture dependent pubic compression of the femoral artery

Update: Ehlers Danlos-syndrome the flashing redlight of vascular compressions


2021 08 20

I linked the audio version of my talk ” The Nutcracker syndrome is a misnomer ” to the following page

The Nutcracker Syndrome is a misnomer Euroson September 2018

An audio version of this talk can be found her


2021 08 18

Outline of my special examination technique for patients with connective tissue disorders  -see last part of the English version of

Ehlers Danlos-syndrome the flashing redlight of vascular compressions


2021 07 16

Swollen bluish feet nausea unbearable epigastric and breast pain breathlessness

Unbearable breast pain while sitting


2021 06 14

Genitalschmerzen beim Sitzen  – manchmal Pudendusneuralgie – hier lange unentdeckte subakute Bartholinitis bei hypermobiles Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom und multiplen Kompressionssyndromen – Diagnose durch PixelFlux


2021 02 05

Why I prefer not to publish in journals but in the Internet

Vessel stretching in nephroptosis – an important driver of complaints


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