Three-Dimensional Fetal Perfusion Measurement

The blood supply to the fetus, the yet unborn, is crucial for its pre- and postnatal development. We can now measure exactly the amount of blood running through the umbilical cord. This became possible with our novel fetal three-dimensional PixelFlux-perfusion measurement. A fetus in need can be readily identified and can be helped before its growth lags behind. The world première of this technique was the World Congress for Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) 2011 in Los Angeles (USA).

We were the first to detect and measure in vivo the autoregulation of fetal perfusion via vasomotion of the umbilical vein (Presentation at the European Ultrasound Congress 2015). This progress was made by means of three-dimensional PixelFlux-measurements of fetal blood flow and was awarded with the first European Ultrasound Award in 2015.