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Dear patients, dear parents,


From 01.01.2022, the e-prescription will be available. You will need the Gematik eRezept app for your smartphone. Please install it to be able to use the advantages of the eRezept.
To obtain an extension of a prescription for occupational therapy, speech therapy or physiotherapy, please hand in the insurance card and the therapy report at the practice. If necessary, you can then collect the follow-up prescription from the practice from the next working day.
We cannot answer unsolicited emails regularly (i.e. without exception, immediately).
Only 1 adult companion per patient may enter the practice. Please state your Corona vaccination status.
You will be admitted individually, as the practice door will be closed during consultation hours as part of the Corona prophylaxis. Do not ring the doorbell!
we advise you to use the telephone sick leave service until the end of December. To do so, please call between 08.00h and 08.30h.
otherwise you can reach us by phone between 11h and 12h.
We offer video consultations: Notes on video consultation
We can only accept new patients if they do not yet have a Leipzig paediatrician.
Sniffles, clearing of the throat and Co: With which symptoms can children be cared for in the day-care centre?
“In the case of a cold without further signs of illness, a slight or occasional cough, scratching of the throat or clearing of the throat, as well as in the case of medically proven underlying illnesses such as asthma, children can attend the day care centre.” (Website of the Saxon State Government)


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