Welcome at my Medical Practice for Children and Adolescents and
my Practice for Specialized Ultrasound Diagnostics for children and adults!

I offer individualized medicine by sophisticated ultrasonographic perfusion measurement, functional sonographic organ- and vascular diagnostics for acute and chronic diseases in children and adults as well as general pediatric counseling, diagnostics and treatment.

You may be interested in my talks at the European Ultrasound Congress  EUROSON 2018 about the lordogenetic nature of all abdominal compression syndromes and why the “Nutcracker”-syndrome is a misnomer.

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Thomas Scholbach


Here you can book appointments online. Please provide a detailed description of your symptoms and previous findings

Please select from two appointment categories: Pediatric practice = Kinderärztliche Sprechstunde or Specialized functional vascular ultrasound = Spezialsprechstunde Duplexsonografische Gefäßuntersuchung

An appointment for the “Specialized functional vascular ultrasound” requires a confirmation and a detailed information exchange beforehand. Such appointments become valid only after a separate confirmation from my side.


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