Hemangioma – Strawberry Marks

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Hemangioma or Strawberry Marks are transitory, benign, abundantly vascularized tumors in babies and toddlers. They are the most frequent tumors of childhood and can be found in up to 3% of all newborn, preferentially in the head and neck region. The diagnosis is made readily by means of a color Doppler sonography that depicts the nature of the tumor and allows a measurement of the actual blood flow by means of the PixelFlux-technique.

Most of the hemangioma resolve spontaneously by the age of 6 years and do not require any treatment.

In case of rapid growth or involvement of the eye, the ear, the respiratory tract or the genitals or a relevant cosmetically burden, a treatment is necessary.

Earlier treatment modalities (corticoids, laser, surgery) have been rather interventional and are rarely an option today since the modern treatment with beta-blocking agents have fewer side effects and are very effective, often within a few days. The treatment can be monitored by the PixelFlux-technique and can be steered according to the actual perfusion intensity of the hemangioma. This often allows a reduction of the duration of the treatment.

These images provide some examples from our practice.

Hämangiome Erscheinung Farbdoppler

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