Vaskulära kompressionssyndrom som jag nyligen upptäckt
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2023 08 08

Orthostatic splenic vein compression by the superior mesentric artery

2023 06 15

Gradually increasing, unbearable pain in the left flank only when standing or sitting – first description of a new compression syndrome of the splenic vein by the common hepatic artery


2022 11 05

A new variant of the left renal vein compression – compression by the left renal artery


2022 11 03

A new colour Doppler sonographic sign of severe venous pooling in patients with orthostatic intolerance


2022 09 23

Post-prandial pain in the right upper abdomen due to a newly detected compression syndrome of the right renal vein

causing right sided back pain and pain in the right upper or mid-abdomen

Diaphragmatic compression of the hepatic veins – a novel compression syndrome

causing intermittent swelling of the liver, fullness and pain in the right upper abdomen

2022 09 11

Detection of a new compression syndrome : Bilateral compression of the internal iliac vein between the psoas muscle and the internal iliac artery in a patient with penile pain

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