All compression syndromes are one: the spectrum of lordogenetic compressions
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This is my talk at the European ultrasound congress 2018 in Poznan/Poland  (06.-08-09.2018) describing the causal relationship of human upright stance and bipedal gait , causing lumbar lordosis which, if severe enough,  causes all abdominal compression syndromes. They usually developo one after the other after the growth spurt at the beginning of puberty, mainly in girls /women.  Lordogenetic Midline Syndrome Euroson congress September 2018.



In honor of my father


ao. Doz. Dr. med. habil. Manfred Traugott Scholbach


(01.07.1928 – 22.09.2020)


orthopedic surgeon


who detected by systematic functional anatomical research that a human hip joint cannot be stretched more than ca. 45 ° from a 90° perpendicular position related to the orientation of the spine. He recognized that the apparently “normal” human bipedal stance thus requires a full extension of the hip joint plus an anterior tilt of the pelvis.


This was my theoretical advantage, since my father explained me this many times during the family gatherings at dinner tables during my childhood, later allowing me to understand why the uplifted , protruding sacral bone and lumbar spine in humans,  the only lordotic animal, compress many prespinal structures , the (vascular) compression syndromes.

Lordogenetic MLS Poznan final korr 2019 11 21

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