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We invite researchers and physicians to join and initiate projects which improve the medical care and enhance medical knowledge.

PixelFlux – the worlds first quantitative sonographic perfusion measurement

We invite researchers to plumb the potential of vascular, organ and tissue perfusion measurement by means of standardized color Doppler sonography with the PixelFlux technique. Already at home in research labs around the globe and backbone of interesting publications in a wide array of medical specialties its applications are in describing normal function of organs, quantifying blood flow volumes and intesities of tissue perfusion, measure disease activity and evaluate treatment effects, to mention a few. An overview of international publications with PixelFlux might spur ideas for applications in your field. We are happy to support your research and to push this promising method forward. Write us, how we can make PixelFlux a door-opener for new insights in your specialty. Share your ideas and we share our knowledge and expertise with you!


Telemedical lung auscultation

The SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19)- pandemic abruptly and drastically changed the way medical clinical examination is delivered.

Direct contact of infected patietns to medical staff harbours an enormous risk for infection of medical personal which in turn exponentially increases the risk of spreading the disease further due to the pivotal position of doctors and nurses in such a medical crisis.

The telemedical examination of patients might reduce this risk. Therefore, an increasig demand for telemedical evaluation of symptoms can be observed. Unfortunately lung auscultation is not possible so far. But it’s just lung diseases that are in the focus of the current pandemic. Thus, a novel approach is urgently wanted to make the ventilation of the lungs audible.

We developed the first telemedical auscultation technique to transfer lung sounds via the Internet from the patient to the remote medical staff. All the patient needs is his mobile phone and an internet access. We are underway to publish the feasabilitiy study of this technique and look for collaboration worldwide to trasnfer this technique into the clinical practice.

We send you the details of this very simple method free of charge and ask you to send lung sound audio files from your patients. Our aim is to anchor this method in the daily practice and to further develop an application which aids patients in using this technique and help in decision making.

As a collaborator you are involved in molding the method and publication as a coauthor or contributor.

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