Beyond psychosomatics – your symptoms explained
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Here I provide explanations for common symptoms in patients with vascular compression syndromes. Very often, the patients feel poorly understood by their doctors who cannot explain the often very diverse complaints of their patients. Not rarely a psychosomatic disorder is suspected despite no proof can be delivered for such an assumption. Not only the patient but his physician as well are in a unexplained or seemingly unexplainable situation which sometimes is interpreted as guilt. Medical professionals strive to help their patients. If they cannot provide an explanation and thus cannot deliver a cure, they tend sometimes to feel insufficient and even guilty. In such a situation a common reaction is to transfer the own feelings onto the counterpart. The patient then becomes a scapegoat for the helplessness of his doctor. Supernatural explanations are sought. The advantage of such a solution is the immediate relief for the physician from his responsibility. The patient in turn can be made responsible for his symptoms by saying “everything is only in your head” or “it is just your psyche that is riding rollercoaster” or “there must be problems in your biography which now emerge from the depth of the subconsciousness and want to tell you something-seek help from a psychiatrist or psychologist “.

Such a reaction, in fact, is a neglect of the patient’s true sensations but even more important it is disappointing and leaves him alone. He feels guilty and is actually made responsible for his sensations, feels rejected and most importantly sees no help. Since intrapsychic problems of the patient himself are regarded the cause of his complaints, the patient is the one who is primarily responsible for his misery and to work on his shortcomings.

This is a fairly understandable but deeply unsatisfying process – often imprecisely called psychosomatics.

The helplessness may result in hidden or overt accusations or even verbal aggression. Since the situation finds no explanation, refuge is sought in claims which can neither be substantiated nor contradicted. Mystic and wishful thinking sometimes replaces interprofessional cooperation, mutual trust and prevents a correct diagnosis.

If, to the contrary, treatable organic diseases are the reason for his complaints, then there is hope and a chance for relief. That is why it is fundamental to spread the knowledge about rarely diagnosed but sometimes life-threatening disorders such as the lordogenetic vascular compression syndromes.

Chronic pain, especially in the upper abdomen, below the sternum, sometimes (mis)understood  as gastritis, sequelae of stress, heart diseases,

Flank pain – especially on the left side sometimes (mis)understood  as renal inflammation, stitching in the flank while running due to inproper breathing

Pain, increasing after a meal

Inability to eat enough sometimes (mis)understood  as anorexia or bulimia, persistent child-mother conflict, hidden aggression, seeking dominance

Problems eating solid food sometimes (mis)understood  as anorexia or bulimia, being picky, allergy,

Sensation of food stuck inside the intestinal tract, sometimes (mis)understood  as anorexia or bulimia, deep intrapersonal conflict, hidden aggression

Vomiting, belching, bilious vomiting sometimes (mis)understood  as “can’t swallow a problem”, “your problem is too big to be digested”, “your situation pisses you off”

Changing symptoms when changing body position or posture

Irritable bowel symptoms: constipation alternating with diarrhea

Weakness of gastric and intestinal peristalsis sometimes (mis)understood  as tiredness, exhaustion due to psychic problems,

Enlarged stomach sometimes (mis)understood  as inborn, it’s just so, people differ

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