Ultrasound Diagnostics
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I’m practicing medical diagnostic ultrasound for more than 33 years. The early fascination was to have a method delivering clear pictures from nearly all organs, being patient friendly and harmless. Moreover, ultrasound is the natural extension of a physician’s personal skills. Since you find what you are looking for if you know what you are looking for.

Ultrasound is the most personal medical imaging technique – no huge machinery and radiation protection walls stand between you and me. We can talk while we do the exam and you as the patient can guide me to the very point of your concern – during an intensive dialogue. We can change the imaging conditions according to your specific condition. Everything is individualized: the ultrasound armamentarium as well as the examination’s circumstances. If your pain is aggravated by meals – we observe the bowel digesting and the passage of your food. If you suffer from pain while lying on your right or left side – we will look just in these positions. If you have difficulties with breathing – we watch lung and diaphragm in real time motion.  If you can point with your finger to where the pain is – we will scrutinize painstakingly exactly this region, do a thorough color Doppler exam with perfusion measurement to see if an inflammation causes your discomfort and will measure exactly how strong it is.

This became possible with the invention of the most sophisticated ultrasound technique available for perfusion measurement – the PixelFlux technique. It was invented and developed by me and my son and awarded with numerous accolades, serving patients on all continents.

Everything focused on your needs – this is modern functional ultrasound as we understand it.

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